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The Arab Opinion of Zionism

There are some factual errors here, but this 1947 speech by King Abdullah of Jordan really sums up Arab attitudes towards Israel. Now some might be bothered by my linking to it, but I think it's very important. If we do not understand the Arab point of view, how can we even begin to understand the root causes to the problems in the Middle East? It's like the awful 9/11 Commission report. Hundreds of pages describing intelligence failures, millions of pages of documentation consulted, hundreds of interviews given, millions of dollars spent, and only one tiny paragraph hinting as to motivation.

This is not to justify any murder or atrocity -- the people who participated in 9/11 were murderers and Hamas undeniably bears some responsibility for the current Israeli assault on Gaza, but blindly favoring one side over the other with little understanding of root issues is zealotry and merely serves to continue this awful situation.

A key paragraph in this speech, given to an American audience, sums up the issue:

What would your answer be if some outside agency told you that you must accept in America many millions of utter strangers in your midst—enough to dominate your country—merely because they insisted on going to America, and because their forefathers had once lived there some 2,000 years ago?

You might disagree with some or all of that speech, but you have to understand that this is the viewpoint of many Arabs. Israelis deserve to live in peace, but Palestinians deserve to have a home again.

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