Ready for a Kenyan President?

Absolutely sick of wrapping Christmas presents. Thank god Christmas only happens once a year.

Poll #1319308 Foreign Presidents?

Should there be an amendment to the US Constitution to allow foreign-born US citizens to be President?


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None of your business

I'm sure that by now, you're aware of the conspiracy theorists claiming that Obama's birth certificate is fake and that he's actually a Kenyan citizen. Of course, some are confused because John McCain was born in Panama and they thought he was not eligible for the job of presidency. Of course, Arnie wants to be President, but the US Constitution says "no".

According to the Constitution, to be eligible for President you must be:

  1. 35 years of age
  2. Be a resident of the US for 14 years
  3. Be a natural-born citizen

So let's say, through some horror, we found out that there was a terrible (and for the sake of argument, honest) mistake about Obama's citizenship. Would you want him to step down?

I guess when you get down to it, not allowing people to vote for the person they want to vote for seems, well, undemocratic. Imagine a 50 year old, extremely qualified, talented candidate who was born in London and moved to and lived in the US since he was a month old. Why should we care about an accident of birth?

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I would want him to step down. I'm really tired of 'mistakes'... also known as lies.
As mentioned, assuming it was honestly a mistake (e.g., we find out that Hawaii's Constitution wasn't ratified), clearly not his fault and something he could not have known about, you would still demand he step down? (Ignoring the fact that he's legally required to)
Hawaii officially became a state, per our US congress, in 1959, had been a territory since 1898. Obama was born in 1961. It seems really cut and dry, his mother completely American, his father Kenyan. Obama, although eligible, never exercised his right to dual citizenship.

But what you're asking is an ethical question, not a legal one.
If he honestly a mistake, really truly didn't know, then honestly I'd not want him to be my President. We need someone who does their homework. I'm not only sick of lies, I'm sick of ignorance: willful or innocent doesn't matter. We're all accountable and paying the price for people who just don't -know-.

If McCain, born in Panama, could have become President (as legal opinion papers have said) then surely someone born in a US State (regardless if they have their state government in order), should be President.

Do I want someone born outside the US, to non-US citizens to be President, no. President Arnold... oh hell no.

On the legal front: no court has agreed with any of the legal challenges to Obama's presidency, the Supreme Court of the US refuses to hear the challenge.

My opinion: I have to laugh at the fools bringing the challenge, saying "He was born of a Kenyan father, which makes him a British citizen." WTF? Did I miss some great leap in evolution where as a man could GIVE BIRTH? Please.

It's party about racism, but really it's about fear. Old white people are afraid of change and perhaps afraid of reckoning, even if they're not rich, they're scared of 'the black man' taking way their little piece of things. I believe if more of the fearful old white people had spent more time working toward social justice (instead of letting the wound fester and creating a bigger mess for their children to clean up), they'd be much less fearful. They know what they're guilty of: not contributing enough toward the betterment of society and in particular working to create an honest level playing field for the poor (minority or not).

We have suffered under the myth in the US that all people have equal opportunity, even I'm not dumb enough to believe that myth. I've witnessed the vast difference between public schooling in my lifetime... it is clearly not equitable.
In France...
Several French presidents were born abroad (for example, Valery Giscard d'Estaing was born in Germany.) But the constitution allows so.

Napoleon III, when elected president, was not even a proper French citizen...
Re: In France...
I've had people tell me that most countries with foreign-born presidents have problems with said presidencies. I've been sceptical of this claim.
So long as the individual has our country's best interests at heart and has been a citizen of this country for long enough to really understand it (say, 20+ years), it seems to me that it'd be okay.

Also, you didn't have an option in the political section I liked. "Other" doesn't work because I don't choose to ascribe to one particular party. I'm registered independent and will likely remain so for the duration of my life. I lean Democrat (and have voted such for basically as long as I have been allowed to vote) but I'm not into politics enough to say "Yeah, this party".

Except that, for me, you don't have an option in the political section that fits because I'm ignorant about USA politics & therefore I don't know what my political party of preference is.

I'm one of those annoying people who has no political party affiliation. I merely vote for whoever I think will do the best job (or whoever makes me least sick - I do live in SC, and the pickings are pretty slim in local elections).

I wouldn't appreciate someone who has only been a citizen of the US for three or four years attempting to run our country, but if someone had been here for 20 years, I could easily accept his leadership.

If Obama's natural-born citizenship turns out to be false, either by error or by cover-up, I would be disappointed, but would expect him to step down. The law is the law.

I'm with you on Xmas. It used to be so much fun ~ what happened?
I think that as long as the candidate has American citizen parents, it should not matter what country they were physically born in. I am against letting citizens of other countries run the American government. It's not like we are so short on qualified leaders that we need to bring in "outside" people. Obama has an American mom. Arnold has neither an American mom or dad, so should not be allowed to be president.
This is a tough one. The examples above are... well, smart! I'm by no means a conservative, and the reason, I think, for having that stipulation on who was able to become president was a relic of the time.

The Constitution was intended to be malleable enough to change with the times. So, by that logic, we should probably change it. But you know what? We should ditch the electoral college first.

Having a foreign-born president was simply protectionism, wasn't it? We just didn't want a Brit running the show in the late 18th C. Now, anyone (like Schwarzenegger, who may be a fine president actually... he's quite centrist and hardly a neocon) who moves to this country does so because the love it. And anyone with enough ova (my friend coined this non gender-specific term for eggs: cajones, balls, ovaries...) to take on the presidency deserves it, especially if they win.

Oh, and I gave up on Christmas about 3 years ago. It is the best thing I've done. I enjoy the 'season' so much more now without all this obligation and moral accounting!
I feel like even voting on this just gives legitimacy to the conspiracy theorists.
Got a US ex-Pat working at office at the new job who would love to see Obama kicked out. She grumbles about Democrats destroying the country all the time. She says she hated Clinton and seems oblivious to comments about Bush's track record and seems to think he did a super job. Takes all sorts, I guess.
Strange. I've never met a Republican ex-pat. There's something about Republicans which seems to make them less interested in travel.
Have to get you two crazy kids together then. Reminisce about the mother land you've both abandoned in favour of this dump ;)