Falling to the Left

Quite some time ago, I took the Political Compass quiz. I was about where Ghandi is rated on the compass, though I was a bit more "pro authority" and a bit more to the right, economically.

Not any more. I've gone far, far to the left. I took this test a couple of times and worked hard to avoid bias, but my scores were still fairly consistent:

Economic Left/Right: -7.12
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.03

I think what has happened has simply been exposure to more and more information about the world. Being less authoritarian is clearly a reaction against "President" Bush and those who worship the man. Being further to the left economically (I used have laissez-faire tendencies!) is a reaction to reading about the WTO, IMF, Enron, and others who are clearly gaming the system and buying politicians. I'm on the verge of losing any faith at all in either the ability of the American people to affect change, or their ability to care about why change is necessary.
Thanks for postin this quiz!
My results:
Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -6.62
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.03

Re: Thanks for postin this quiz!
I'd have to go back and check, but this might be the only quiz I've posted. I generally don't care for the quizzes that run around LJ. They're the online version of small talk and I've never been particularly adept at that :)
Re: Thanks for postin this quiz!
This quiz is definitely not the "typical" quiz that floats around LJ - that's why I liked it so much.

that one is really interesting!

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -6.25
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.15

hey, when do you get back? not for another week or so?
I am flying in August 6th. Not quite sure what time I will arrive, though. Hopefully it won't be too late because I can never sleep on a plane.

And from viewing your responses above, I can see that you clearly are not radical enough for me. What a shame. You'll have to bring that list of quiz questions and let me set you right about the ones that you obviously did not understand ;)
Yea, I was a little disappointed in my score too. But if it said "always" rather than "usually" or "sometimes" I was probably conservative in my answers. Don't forget---I'm a walking contradiction!

Damn, you'll miss jen's party this saturday. guess i'll have to have a beer for you. or how about a caprihana (or whatever those damn things are!) ha!
Yeah, I saw I was going to miss the party. Damn it :(

I did notice on the Evite that you were going to be there with bells on. If that's all you're wearing, can we at least get Jen to take photos?
BAAHAAHAA!!! I'll start my own website...I'm sure there are people out there with a fetish for Jingle Jules.

WE will get pictures, whether or not I wear accessories with my bells. Wouldn't want you to TOTALLY miss out! (torturous, no?)
That was an interesting quiz. I'm going to have to explore the suggested reading links.
Economic left/right -6.38
Libertarian/authoritarian -7.08
My friend, I totally sympathize in your loss of faith. And it may be a lost cause, but please don't give up the fight. You are one of our greatest assets. The price for passion and intelligence is despair, often times, but the fight itself is worthwhile. If you need inspiration, be Don Quixote! Find a copy of "Man of La Mancha" and get lit by Robert Goulet singing "The Impossible Dream!!"

To dream the impossible dream,
to fight the unbeatable foe,
to bear with unbearable sorrow,
to run where the brave dare not go...

To right the unrightable wrong,
to love pure and chaste from afar,
to try when your arms are too weary
to reach the unreachable star!

This is my quest --
to follow that star
no matter how hopeless,
no matter how far --
To fight for the right
without question or pause,
to be willing to march into hell
for a heavenly cause!

And I know
if I'll only be true
to this glorious quest
that my heart
will be peaceful and calm
when I'm laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this
that one man, scorned and covered with scars,
still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable stars --- Joe Darion

The American people may no longer be worthy of your faith, but you are.
"Greatest assets"? A wee bit of hyperbole, no? Perhaps I sway the opinions of the few people on my friends list, but then, they were probably in my camp anyway.

Now go get me a turkey pot pie, bitch.
Jesus fucking Mohammed
I'm a goddamned hippy.

Economic Left/Right: -8.12
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.03