Stop Using Internet Explorer

Once again, Internet Explorer has been found with a huge security hole which affects all supported versions. This flaw can be used to install data stealing software on your computer. Ever type anything, um, sensitive on your computer? Like passwords, credit card numbers, etc? One of Microsoft's ways of dealing with this problem is suggesting that users deregister a system file called "oledb32.dll". Yeah, right.

Download Firefox. It has a record of far fewer security holes and they get fixed much faster.
oledb32 ?

But... isn't that a 'rather popular' DLL for all sorts of data handling?

I have a better solution...
Get a Mac :-)

Thank goodness none of the users at the office has admin privileges on their PCs because a lot of them would actually try to deregister the file because M$ suggested it.
We were discussing this at work this morning. But as we all use Linux desktops and Firefox we all shrugged and went 'meh'... not our problem ;) Best advert for Firefox ever.
Okay, you talked me into it. I just uninstalled IE on my computer, and will now switch to using Firefox, which my wife uses on both our computers. I have never cared for it, but I'll adjust. I've been burned too many times by viruses and other malicious programs entering my computer through IE. I may not like Firefox, but I give up.
Yay! I rock.

Next I'll teach you JavaScript so you can install GreaseMonkey and rewrite all Web pages to look exactly how you want them to look. You can have both security and freedom ;)
oledb ... isn't that the archaic database connectivity that MS used to use before ADO? No wonder it's a flaw if they're still supporting the use of legacy technology.
Safari is great. I was not a fan of it since I can do all sorts of cool things with Firefox that I can't dream of with Safari, but Safari is fast, safe and lightweight. Tough to argue with that :)
Safari craps out constantly on me. All I have to do is leave or open long enough for the "runaway script" dialogs to appear. The 'force quit' isn't far behind after that.
I hate IE, and would have tried to remove it from my computer entirely but for one fact: Netflix's watch-instantly system doesn't have an interface for Firefox. So, I only open IE to use that.