iPhone for the FAIL!

Had to reboot my iPhone as its iTunes program's "shuffle" feature insists upon shuffling only one song in my collection.

Fortunately, that song is Icon of Coil's "Disconnect".
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Fortunately? Maybe I haven't heard the song, but IoC is the cheesiest, EBM crap I've seen/heard in years.
I guess I'm just tired of techno masked as industrial. It's fucking techno... please.

Plus, drummerless bands are ZERO fun to watch and lack any 'oomph'.
Perhaps your phone was also set to loop on one song? It's a smallish icon by the shuffle one. I've tapped it on accident and put myself into a similar loop.

Also, I'm curious as to what apps you use. :D
I know this wasn't your problem but I believe i read an article a while back about how there is/was something wrong with Apple's shuffle algorithm. I remember finding out when I was trying to work out why my iPod mini was obsessed with The Clash despite their songs only making up about 1% of the music it could select from.