Thanksgiving in England

Thanksgiving in England

pdx42 was here for Thanksgiving. I had to explain to some British friends that we celebrate the genocide of Native Americans on Columbus day, not Thanksgiving, but other than that, things went fine, if low key.

Only three were there and not seeing any place selling turkey (and not wanting to eat turkey sandwiches for the next five weeks), I made a roast lemon chicken with rosemary potatoes. It was a nice meal, but finishing off the bottle of wine, a bottle of Advocaat and a couple of Guinness has left my head the worse for wear.


That's the first time I've roasted a chicken in this oven. It runs a touch cold and I overcompensated a bit and the meat was a touch dry in spots, but not too bad considering that I had never made that recipe before.
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You should cook for us all next week too - hope you saved me some ;)
I fear the chicken is all gone. It was delicious. What you can't see from the picture is that it's stuffed with thyme, a garlic bulb and a whole lemon. Yum!

Armgard is back, so I could see myself cooking for all of us. I want a second try and getting this right.