The public side of me

I've had a couple of people ask me what my Live Journal name is, so I've decided to create a "public" one. I have a private one that I recently created due to some concerns that arose from my having a public journal closely associated with my professional life. Rather than rehash that, I'll just say that this journal will likely not be updated too much, but will be fairly honest about myself. However, there are some people that I meet from time to time that it would be unfair of my to include them in this journal, so that information will go in the private one.

I've just finished my Christmas shopping today and now face the less than pleasant task of wrapping all of the presents. What temptation to simply spray packages with matte black paint, but I doubt that would be received too well. Sigh.

In other news, today at work was interesting:

Coworker 1: I didn't do 'X' because coworker 2 told me not to.
Coworker 2: Why didn't coworker 1 do 'X'? I told him to.
Manager: Publius, why don't you take care of 'X'. You can get it done faster than either of them.


This Brandy, I am the door gal at Devorzhum. Just thought I would add you, but don't feel like you have to add me back! :)
Re: heya!

Well, of course I'm going to add you back, silly. And I knew who you were once I saw your user name, I just didn't know you had an account here.

Re: heya!
I didn't really feel the need to post to the list, so every wayfaring eye could see. I just add the people I know....