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Palestinians versus Israelis

There's no questions that Palestinians have done some terrible things to the Israeli people. No one who's been paying the slightest bit of attention denies that. There's also no question that the Israelis (both the government and individuals) have returned the favor in spades. In fact, there's a certain dark irony in the ghetto the Israel has created in Gaza, strangely reminiscent of past horrors Jews suffered in Warsaw and other places.

Given this, and given that the solution to the Palestinian issue is one of the three big stumbling blocks to peace in the Middle East¹, why is the US so firmly backing Israel rather than backing the peace process? I've been doing a huge amount of research on this issue and frankly, I'm quite mystified by this.

1. The other two issues are US military bases in the Muslim holy land of Saudi Arabia and continued Western violation of sovereignty of Middle Eastern states.
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