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Framing is Everything

The headline reads Obama's Friends Appear Poised to Hold Clout in Washington. As soon as I saw that phrasing on Google News, I knew it was a right-wing rag trying to plant in people's minds the suggestion that there's something unsavoury about this. Yup. It's Fox News. The phrasing is a dead give away. Just read their opening:

Barack Obama owes a lot of favors.

His successful bid to be America's 44th president was aided by unprecedented fundraising, and he gained the early support of mutinous Democrats who rebelled against the better known and more experienced candidates in the primaries.

That's one hell of a subtle yet juicy opener. You could have a lot of fun dissecting those sentences, the heavily negative words and the tone, but I'd be preaching to the choir here.

Never mind that this is what every single president does. And you know what? It's not even wrong. If they're you're friends, it's because you trust them. You surely aren't going to appoint your enemies to important positions (appointing someone you disagree with, of course, is an entirely different kettle of fish and something that I doubt most Fox News affianados would understand).

And people still defend Fox News? The problem is that when Fox News comes out swinging like this, you could easily read this as newsworthy and "fair and balanced" because it really does read like news, but their continued, subtle digging of Obama (and much of their less subtle tactics) suggest that as far as they're concerned, it's business as usual.

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