Yes, yes, yes ... ?

So far it looks like Obama is pulling it off. It's 1:15 AM over here and I'm still up, waiting for the news. I'm quietly hopeful. Maybe our national nightmare is finally over.

And I've just heard that Elizabeth Dole has lost :)
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So far it looks like Obama is pulling it off.

Gah! Go outside, turn around three times and spit!

OK, I may have watched the West Wing a few too many times...
Over? Getting there, but there's a lot to do. Still a move in the right direction.
It's almost 3pm here in my little office in NZ. There's not much work happening; we're all watching the news sites.

A colleague is tracking the international bookmakers. He says the odds on Obama are so short, and the money wagered is so high, that he's a certainty.

(he also says that the odds of a democratic presidential win are slightly shorter than the odds of an Obama win. That's a disturbing thought :-/ )
elizabeth dole - reminds of of the Wizard of Oz when they threw water on the witch
i'm not sure who elizabeth dole is, aside from bob dole's wife, and a republican. what has she done to be singled out?
Just to give you a single example which really sums up much of the hate tactics the extreme right employs: when she realized her campaign was hurting, she ran an the infamous Godless ad against her opponent, Kay Hagan, saying she took money from atheists and wanted to know what was being promised in return.

The ad backfired tremendously as people realized that Hagan, a Christian and former Sunday School teacher, was being viciously smeared.
I guess I am biased as I have been reading reddit too much of late, but this doesn't seem too far from the main sequence of GOP tactics in this campaign. just called it for him, complete with the projections. It's kind of awesome.
It's all over but the cryin' at this point. The Dems will have the White House, Senate and House.

Don't fuck up.
McCain was robbed!!!

Only joking, dude. Go Obama, and all that. Well, as a friend of mine said, that gives dubya just 77 days to start WWIII.
I'm more hopeful about this than I have been for any election result in a long time - and it's not even my country. I just hope this lives up to its potential.