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Tom Harris, MP Who Doesn't Care About the Right to Privacy

Tom Harris, a Scottish MP, doesn't recognize the Orwellian tendencies of the UK. I was so furious at his "oh, wake up" blog entry that I posted the following as a comment. It's awaiting moderation. I'll be very impressed if it's published (particularly since I was so harsh).

Just as 1984 can be thought of as a warning and not a blueprint, so too should it be thought of as an illustration and not a documentary. Just because the exact manifestation of the Orwellian tendencies in the UK aren't what we see in Orwell's book does not mean that these things aren't happening.

Everyone knows about the CCTV, not many people know that you're now teaching the cameras to listen to us as well. (http://is.gd/6k88) Or how about the fact that Jack Straw wants to let anonymous people testify against you? (http://is.gd/6k8P) Your police want the DNA of children who might be pose dangers in the future. (http://is.gd/2cW) You're talking about tracking all of our calls and email (http://is.gd/1Pfo).

So you photograph us, keep our DNA, are listening in on our conversations and all in the name of "terrorism". Frankly, many people are more afraid of the government than terrorists.

And just getting back to the CCTV problem, not only do the police admit it doesn't work (http://is.gd/1b1a), but the Home Office admits it, too (http://is.gd/6k9O). So how can you stand there and tell me with a straight face that you support the blatant rape of our civil liberties? You should be ashamed of yourself, but then, I think you've just made it clear that you don't give a damn about us.

(I could have listed plenty of other links besides the ones above, but I felt that was a good start)
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