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All Aboard The Atheist Bus!

The Atheist Bus Campaign, started by comedy writer Ariane Sherine (disclaimer or gratuitous name-dropping: we used to work at the same company. She's got a wicked sense of humor), has done remarkably well. The intent of the campaign is to buy advertising on the side of London buses reading "There's probably no God. No stop worrying and enjoy your life."

To do this, they needed to raise £5,500 to buy the advertising. As of this writing, they've raised a whopping £109,294.83! This is fantastic news and it's a great way to stand up for freedom of thought.

A religious group named Alpha International seems to like this idea and they're also trying to buy signs for buses. However, they're thinking big. Rather than try to raise a paltry £5,500, they're going all out and asking for £100,000!

They've racked up £367 so far.

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