All Aboard The Atheist Bus!

The Atheist Bus Campaign, started by comedy writer Ariane Sherine (disclaimer or gratuitous name-dropping: we used to work at the same company. She's got a wicked sense of humor), has done remarkably well. The intent of the campaign is to buy advertising on the side of London buses reading "There's probably no God. No stop worrying and enjoy your life."

To do this, they needed to raise £5,500 to buy the advertising. As of this writing, they've raised a whopping £109,294.83! This is fantastic news and it's a great way to stand up for freedom of thought.

A religious group named Alpha International seems to like this idea and they're also trying to buy signs for buses. However, they're thinking big. Rather than try to raise a paltry £5,500, they're going all out and asking for £100,000!

They've racked up £367 so far.

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I love the atheist bus campaign, even though I am not myself an atheist. I just like to see ideas rather than lurid film posters on buses, myself.

As for the opposing viewpoint campaign, just think how different the numbers would look in the US... ;-)
Very nice - that's cheered me up no end.

Oh and I'm stealing the word "Snerk"
Pity they toned down Dawkins suggested wording of 'there's almost certainly no god'. Still, seems a bit tame for him. I'd have thought he'd have at least tried to include references to the 'big sky bully' and the 'flying spaghetti monster'. I'm actually surprised no religious groups haven't tried to block this yet - or maybe they have, and I just haven't noticed the reports.
Re: I'd love to see something like this ...
Awesome. Bit long to read off the side of a passing bus, but funny all the same.
Re: I'd love to see something like this ...
yes, it would need some reworking to be shorter and snappier :)
Re: I'd love to see something like this ...
Maybe something along the lines of: Your God is a feckless sadist. Even if he does exist, he'll find some tiny loophole to damn you for eternity anyway!
I expect that a lot of people who claim to be religious simply don't know about it. The shit will hit the fan when the signs hit the buses.
Nowt like a bit of shit flinging. Isn't there some of that in the bible too? Seems to be loads of other deviant, amoral behaviour.
Oh yeah. Just reading about Lot's daughter's sleeping with him ...

And we won't even talk about the Song of Solomon.
Aye, they're a sick bunch these christians. I've always thought there was something extremely sado-masochistic about religion anyway. God seems to be a total sadist, so what does that make his followers? Even if you could prove he existed, I don't think I'd want anything to do with the sicko.
Even more *snerk*able is the fact that a significant portion of that £364 is from Atheist Bus Campaign supporters paying £2 for the privilege of leaving a commenting linking to their campaign. :)


So, is that proof that God doesn't exist, or that God is trying to teach his followers not to gather earthly goods?

that bearded hippy they nailed to a tree
.. had a fair ammount to say about not gathering earthly goods if I remember correctly, in fact most of what he suggested was pretty standard geo-mutualist liberal stuff (pacifism, don't be a cu*t, all being equal, etc) - shame that 99% of the christian church is more interested in smiting sodomisers or the End of The World than, you know being nice and stuff.
Re: that bearded hippy they nailed to a tree
The 99% of the christian church you hear the most about is like that anyway. 99% of the rest are atheists in all but name. The remaining 0.01% is Simon Cozens.
The idea is interesting. However, I am a little bit concern on how they are going to rolled out this project.
I meant there is a big difference between managing an original idea in a 5 000 pounds budget and managing a 111,873.43 pounds project.
I hope this idea would not be the victim of his own success...