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Things To Do When You're Sick (Do You Live in St. Louis?)

So there's a Wall Street Journal blog entry about an Obama rally in St. Louis. It claims 100,000 people attended. Of course, as I've been at political rallies before (mostly anti-war ones), I've discovered that newspaper reporting of attendence is a bit, er, questionable at times, so I was curious how they arrived at the number. So I looked closely at the photo. For some reason, it seemed odd. It's extremely low-resolution and the skyline seemed, well, strange.

In the background, you'll notice the courthouse. To the right of that, you'll see the Adams Mark St. Louis hotel. Notice how, in the top right, there's a blurry sign about one story high.

In this much larger photo of the St. Louis skyline, that same sign is clearly about four stories high. In every photo I can find of that hotel, the sign is four stories high instead of the one story high in the Obama story. Now I'm a strong Obama supporter, so you know this isn't some strange wing-nut conspiracy thing, but why is there such a large discrepancy? Is this new? Does anyone who reads this both live in St. Louis and is in a position to verify that this sign has changed?

Update: Whew! I feel better (well, I'm still sick, but I feel better about the photo). Apparently it's now the Hyatt hotel and the image Exif data tends to support this.
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