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How To Tell When You're Sick

Shuffle off to the store. Buy some food. Buy the latest New Scientist magazine. Shuffle off back home. Try to figure out where you put the New Scientist magazine only to discover that you've already recycled it.

My brain is going all wonky on me right now. I've come up with a new theory of why the dinosaurs went extinct. Remember Tyranosaurus Rex? One word: thalidomide (I'm waving at you, Jen). It's all clear to me now.

By the way, don't get sick in London. When you blow your nose, it comes out dark grey. There are definite downsides to living here. I suspect that if I hadn't stopped smoking about three weeks ago, this would be much worse.

Hmm, or maybe the dinosaurs took up smoking instead?

And to make up for all of this drivel, have some Tim Minchin instead.

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