Those Who Ignore History, um, uh, Can't Get Fooled Again!

So let's see if I can sum this up:

  • A war widely considered to be illegitimate.
  • Illegal wiretapping.
  • Illegal attempts to influence the Presidential election.
  • Rising oil prices causing economic hardship.
  • Followed by a stock market crash.
  • Which leads to a world-wide recession.

Does that sound familiar? It should. This was all back in 1972-74.

  • A war widely considered to be illegitimate (Vietnam).
  • Illegal wiretapping (Watergate).
  • Illegal attempts to influence the Presidential election (Watergate).
  • Rising oil prices causing economic hardship (1973 oil crisis).
  • Followed by a stock market crash (1973-74 stock market crash).
  • Which leads to a world-wide recession (1973 - length varies by country).

As a side note, neither the US or UK saw their economies recover to pre-1973 levels for over a decade. Messing about with the global economy can hurt!

As a creepy aside (there's a terrible pun there, but moving along ...), I find it bothersome that one individual who features prominently in the Bush administration and who was also possibly involved in the Watergate scandal is none other than Karl Rove. We have truly learned nothing.

So, continuing this parallel ... Obama will be brought down in his first term by antics in Iran, ushering in a decades-long New Reagan Era?
Nicely done.. Still though, the masses of stupid (aka middle amerika) will still vote for replaying history.

I give up... I think I need to go all kinds of "Castaway"
broken records
I wish everyone was as informed as you are so this kind of thing wouldn't keep happening.
I watched some of the highlights of the final Obama/McCain debate on Newsnight last night. Boy, was that dull. I started to get the feeling the whole election was all about what Joe the (unlicensed) plumber wants. What about everyone else? ;)
"We have truly learned nothing."

From your analysis, I would have to disagree. You have learned something, and then you just taught it to me, so I just learned something. In fact, we both have learned something.

Now, the fine non-readers of your blog, THEY have learned nothing. What a travesty. And unfortunately, they'll be voting.

America, in its problematic educational system and its wanton dismissal of big words and intellectualism, will continue to do what it does best: collectively forget history it is summarily ignorant of. In America (this is for all you Brits reading), our high school history stops after WWII because there's a sect of people who get their pants (American: panties) in a bunch over the excesses of the 60s. They don't want to teach that drugs, sexual experimentation, protest or any of that is possible or can actually make a semblance of a difference. They don't want to end on a sour note (the Reagan years or Nixon or the 70s in general), so they end with us 'winning the war' by nuking Japan. [applause] "Welcome the heroes home!"

I'm still a bit irked that my history is incomplete, and I'm better read than many. But my cultural and historical ignorance does bite me in the arse (American: ass) once in a while.