Fiat Lux!


I voted today. I've also gone over two weeks without a cigarette. Only time will tell whether both these actions prove futile.
Gee, I wonder who you voted for ;)

Congrats. I've gone 39 years without a cigarette.
Maybe I've seen too many zombie films lately, but intestines sounds good enough to eat right now.
Yay for the not smoking! Maybe you can be a positive influence on pdx42 while he's with you. I'm starting to sound like I'm nagging!

Say Hi to Zane and Tawny for me if you get this before you see them.

Yay for quitting smoking! Sending good thoughts your way and hoping it doesn't prove futile. =)
Congratulations on quitting smoking - it gets easier - when I quit it took about 3 months for the addiction to diminish to the point of being comfortable with it - after nearly 2 years it's only once in a very rare while that I think about smoking. But I wouldn't consider it now that I've put an end to that particular corporate enslavement. Be strong :)
Congrats on the not smoking!! I hope you keep not doing it.

I quit smoking 7 months ago. Best. Decision. Ever.
I voted today, too! It's Election Day in Canada. I don't smoke, so voting is likely one of the most futile things in life.

Incentive to continue with the non-smoking. Many women will find it an added reason to kiss you for long periods of time.