Keystone School

For two years in high school, I attended Keystone School in San Antonio, Texas. It's a fairly prestigious private school aimed at academically gifted students. It's not religious. It's not political. It just focused on giving students an excellent education and preparing them for college. (When I attended, their advertising stated that only one student in the past five years hadn't gone on to college).

My last two years of high school were spent at Marion High School, a small high school in a tiny country town in Texas.

I'm currently a member of They offer a "map" service where people can list where they currently live (but only for the US and Canada ... grr). While it's hardly scientific, I noticed that only 20% of students from my class at Marion had left Texas, as opposed to 60% of Keystone students. Make of that what you will.
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I don't know, hence my making it clear that it's "hardly scientific". Even that percentage wouldn't answer which percentage chose to be on that site or which percentage chose to add their location information. I just thought it was amusing :)
Monied people have a better chance/opportunity at making something of themselves and escaping what's been dealt to them? ;)
Actually, I went to a similar school (Texas Academy of Math and Science) but tuition and books were free if you got in. You could also qualify for financial aid to cover room and board, and even a spending stipend; I didn't but plenty of my friends did.

Same thing holds. Compared to the high school I started at, the number of people who have gone on to do interesting things and/or live outside Texas is enormous.
So far I've read "The Atrocity Archives", "The Jennifer Morgue", "Accelerando", "Glasshouse", and "Halting State". I'd say I've gotten interested :)