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Third Corsican Photo Set

Because I've had a couple of people comment that they want to see more people in my photos, I'm trying to add some to my photo sets, but frankly, taking pictures of crowds invariably seems to be crowds of tourists (who cares?) and taking pictures of individuals makes me feel awkward.

Another photo of people in Pisa trying to "hold up" the tower.

Holding up Pisa

It was a bit warm in Pisa, so ice cream was popular. This photo doesn't do them justice, but this woman had the most incredible cheekbones. (Yeah, I notice weird things)

Ice Cream in Pisa

A skate park in Ajaccio.

Ajaccio Bikers

And the French just don't seem to have the same "body neurosis" that much of the world has. This is from a beach in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Note that the only reason this photo is posted is because you can't identify their faces. It didn't seem appropriate otherwise. (Note: up there less than an hour and it's already my most viewed photo of all time :/)


When we finally got to Bonifacio, on the southern coast of Corsica, we had fabulous views from our hotel room.

Night Harbor in Bonifacio

Night Harbor in Bonifacio

Harbor in Bonifacio

Harbor in Bonifacio

And then we just went walking around the town (these shots are mostly in the Citadel).

Passage in Bonifacio

Getting ready for the tourists

Bonifacio Harbor

Incidentally, this is what a French license plate looks like. Notice the "F" in the lower left.

French License Plate

Many Corsican license plates have the "F" covered by the head from the Corsican flag. They're proud of their island and they've long had a (sometimes violent) independence movement.

French License Plate in Corsica

Driving back we encountered the familiar sight of cattle blocking the road. This gets tiring after a while.


But that night, our beggar cat returned with a rather aggressive friend.

Beggar Cat Brings Friend

And the next morning she brought her kittens.

Beggar Cat's Kittens

Our final morning in Corsica. We've been greeted with rain and thunder.


And snow on the distant mountains. It wasn't there the day before.

Snow On Distant Mountains
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