Another Small Set of Photos

As usual, you can go directly to the photo set, if you prefer.

This cat keeps coming to the manor and begging for food. It's a bit skittish and won't come too close to us, but it begs loudly.

Beggar Cat

Sunset over the Mediterranean.

Corsican Sunset

Paul messing about in the pool.


We later investigated the attic. Lots of cobwebs.

Attic Cobwebs

Hmm, and that looks kind of like a spider.


I felt a bit bad for the fly as it was still struggling as the spider was eating it.

Spider Versus Fly

Spider Versus Fly

Later, while trying to find a store, we stumbled across the tiny mountain town of Speloncato. Lots of cats and gorgeous buildings.


A Small Street in Speloncato

Stairway in Speloncato

And finally we hit the town of Belodere, where Paul had this rather interesting (and alcoholic) dessert.

Paul's Dessert

Did I mention how much I love my new camera?
Re: re
Oh, we do. Both Paul and I love cats.

Oh, by the way, last night we were in Bonaficio and I was having a lot of trouble taking night shots in the harbor. Far, far too much red. Any idea how to deal with that or would you need to see the photos?
Re: re
what type of camera are you shooting with? ( DSLR or point and click)
and the Red maybe your white balance. Im not sure what type of ligting they use over there in the street lights and what not. did you try changing the WB to incandescent instead of auto?
Re: re
DSLR. It's a Canon EOS 1000D.

I didn't touch the white balance on the camera for those shots. I'll give it a try next time.
Re: re
if its an SLR set the iso too at least 800 and set it it to Aperture priority mode a tri[od would be best for long exposures... but ultimately your color issue is most likely the white balance
Would it be out of order for me to suggest taking an air rifle to the cat?

I'm allergic to 'em, so no big love for cats from me.
I'm just going to pretend you didn't say something so incredibly offensive. I'm (mildly) allergic to cats myself, but I wouldn't dream of hurting them. Hell, when we first got here, there was a huge spider in the sink and I scooped it into a bowl and carried it outside. Hurting things "just because" is wrong.
Whoa, I'm just being flippant. I'm not suggesting literally shooting the cat, just my morbidly excessive way of registering my dislike of moggies. My moral compass isn't that wildly askew. Although, I've noticed, people do seem to have excessively tender nerve where things like kitties are concerned - the cute are nearly always deemed more deserving of life. If I'd suggested shooting a rat, I doubt it would provoke much of a reaction - where I grew up, kids regularly used to go rat hunting with air rifles - but I actually prefer rats to cats. Not the wild kind, mind, but domestic rats are far nicer pets than cats. I mean, when was the last time you got a cat to perch on your shoulder?
No worries. You're right that I have a tender nerve where cats are concerned :)

And having had both rats and cats as pets, I'll take the cat any day. Cats don't perch on your shoulder because they're too big. They cuddle up and purr and, unlike rats, they don't eat my favorite shirt (I was a little ticked at that one).
Well, they may be too big for shoulders, but my mate Steve used to get his pet cat to curl up and then balance it on his head so, with the tail hanging down, it looked like one of those Davy Crocket type hats... Wendy was an unusually placid cat, as I think most would rip your skull to pieces if you tried that.
You do know that at the end of the tourist seasons in mediteranian countries that the locals have a tendancy of throwing stray cats and dogs into the harbour don't you.

Which is rather sad since I've enjoyed the company of many a cute kitten and puppy in places like Greece and Spain - in a non sexual way.

And yay...that place look right up me and Mo's alley. Meow. :)