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Another Small Set of Photos

As usual, you can go directly to the photo set, if you prefer.

This cat keeps coming to the manor and begging for food. It's a bit skittish and won't come too close to us, but it begs loudly.

Beggar Cat

Sunset over the Mediterranean.

Corsican Sunset

Paul messing about in the pool.


We later investigated the attic. Lots of cobwebs.

Attic Cobwebs

Hmm, and that looks kind of like a spider.


I felt a bit bad for the fly as it was still struggling as the spider was eating it.

Spider Versus Fly

Spider Versus Fly

Later, while trying to find a store, we stumbled across the tiny mountain town of Speloncato. Lots of cats and gorgeous buildings.


A Small Street in Speloncato

Stairway in Speloncato

And finally we hit the town of Belodere, where Paul had this rather interesting (and alcoholic) dessert.

Paul's Dessert

Did I mention how much I love my new camera?
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