Quick Photo Set

Update: Seems the lady in the photo is Romanian, not Italian. Later when she spoke to me (in English), she asked if I could email the photos I took of her. I gave her my card and she dropped me an email today, which is how I know her nationality.

We've finally arrived at the manor. Once we got to Olmi-Cappella, despite it being a town with only a few streets, it still took us two hours to follow the instructions to the manor. Once we found it, it took us another 20 minutes or so to find the safe which hid the key to the manor.

Clicking on any photo takes you to Flickr. You can view larger images there. I must say that I'm very happy with my new camera.

But first, here's a quick photo of me in Perl.


And trying to take pictures of the Alps while we were driving through them was difficult.


In the evening, we found ourselves in Pisa. Here's a photo of the Arno River, running through Pisa.


Later we saw Pisa.




We noticed that many lovers congregate here.


And many people pose for photos, trying to look like they're pulling down or holding up the Tower.


And the view from the top of the Tower is lovely.


And I had to get a few photos of the Duomo (cathedral) next to it.





And here's a young Italian lady who, when asked if I could take her picture, said nothing. Instead, she just struck a pose.


And Paul's reaction to her.


And walking back to our (awful) hotel in Pisa, we saw this dog in a window.



The next day, we missed the ferry from Livorno, Italy, so we said "screw it" and went straight to Nice, France.




Though we took a side trip to Monte Carlo.


The next morning, after catching the ferry to Bastia, Corsica, Paul sits down for a breakfast at the manor.



With a lovely view overlooking the town.

So many great shots there. However, I think the most striking is that young italian woman. Damn, that is one amazingly hot woman.
The handy thing about Italian women is they don't need to bend down when you're keeping their overactive vocal chords quiet
Years of surfing the net hasn't damaged my eyesight yet.

I guess we should mention the beautiful countryside too, and how gormless Paul looks.
I think it's quite sad that you keep changing your profile pic. Although, Summer Glau ... I would.
Well, it's not so much "me" as it is "living in Europe". It's so much easier to do things like this over here that I can't understand why people wouldn't want to live over here.

London to Pisa is roughly Portland, OR to LA.

I'd rather go to Pisa, myself. ;)
Yes, in the States, it's so easy to visit the States. In Europe, it's so easy to visit something entirely different. I am so happy to be over here (aside from, as comfy_chair pointed out), the damned surveillance. Of course, the US is working on it. They don't want to be left behind.

"It's so much easier to do things like this over here that I can't understand why people wouldn't want to live over here."

In short, family. But I'm considering it, if for no other reason that I want to convert my money to Euro's before the US Dollar bottoms out.