Corsica! (And Palin)

Tomorrow morning I leave for Corsica. I'm unsure of my internet connection there, so if you don't hear from me for a bit, I trust you'll understand. Of course, I may just feel like lounging on the beach all day.

And I leave you with this.

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I may just feel like lounging on the beach all day
Do not dream too much.
Even if Corsica is at the southeast of France, at this time of the year, you will not have more than 20 degrees Celsius.
Thought the landscape would still be amazing.
I can see my brain! My eyes have rolled that far back!

Shit... it's dark in there.

I'm sorry, but Kamchatcka!=Moscow or Ukraine. It is a different issue altogether.

I assumed that Palin was stupid, but only in a belief-sense, not an actually stupid sense. She's actually Bush-like in her stupidity. Canada is hardly a foreign country or an adversary worthy of cutting one's teeth on foreign policy. *knock on head* Hello McFly! Foreign policy means dealing with people who want to kill you. The Inuits in Russia don't give a shit about you or what country you 'belong' to.

She's so out of her class.

When you're out outclassed like this by Katie Fucking Couric you should maybe reconsider your desire to hit that world stage.
I think it's an empathy thing, I just want to give a her a couple of my brain cells so at least she'll have two to rub together!