Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Game Over. Obama Has Won.

I can see no way the McCain campaign can save themselves. After the fiasco of the Palin Veep pick and the press ripping her to shreds for numerous lies, the McCain campaign taking over the Alaska governor's office, and her disastrous ABC interview where she didn't know one of President Bush's most important changes to US foreign policy, the McCain campaign decided that the press wasn't allowed to talk to her (to be fair they decided this before the ABC interview, but thought that interview would be a soft touch). Unsurprisingly, this has led to Palin's relationship with the press getting so bad that the press started revolting (What? Did they have a spare supply of spines laying around?)

Now it's gotten disastrous. Even the normally conservative Wall Street Journal is ripping McCain to shreds. McCain, in a panic, has suspended his campaign and asked to delay the Presidential debate, allegedly to work on the financial crisis. Obama has pointed out that the American people need to hear the candidates speak on this issue and pointed out that in today's world, you need a president who can do more than one thing at a time. It doesn't help that McCain cancelled a Letterman interview, claiming he needed to fly back to Washington, but Letterman found out, live, on air, that McCain was three blocks away at a rare Saray Palin interview.

Of course, the latest Palin interview has also been a disaster because when Palin mentioned McCain's attempt that imposing some regulation for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Couric asked if Palin could mention a single other instance in McCain's 26 years in Washington that he's pushed for more banking regulation but Palin couldn't name a single instance.

Now, after the McCain campaign has changed the debate format to make things easier for Palin, they're asking for her debate to be postponed.

This all begs an obvious question: if Palin is ready to be second in command, why can't she take over McCain's campaign in his absence? It's not like she's got anything better to do right now.

First Palin, then the economy. This has to be one of the biggest campaign collapses I've ever seen.
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