The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

I highly recommend this video. At the first, it might sound "pro-liberal", though I suspect it's the speaker knowing he's speaking primarily to a liberal audience and he wants to hook them (a common technique in public speaking). In reality, the talk compares conservative and liberal values and explores their foundation and how both can contribute to the debate. If you would like to know more and help expand this knowledge, you can help with some of their surveys at

The speaker, Professor Jonathan Haidt, studies the psychological basis of morality in different cultures. It's a brilliant talk and I highly recommend you share it.
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I can appreciate the explanation, but on a basic level, the impulse to sacrifice the rights of the underrepresented minority for the sake of short-term security and stability *does* strike me as inherently *wrong*. It is operating from a place of fear, and I can neither respect it or condone what it means for all but the privileged elite.

That said, however, I do think that there is a profound level of ignorance involved in lower class people voting for people like Bush and McCain. They are voting against their own economic and general well being, based almost solely upon the "our side is better" kind of bullshit mentality.
Thanks. I admire how he brings the differences down to our moral fiber. I've had this conversation a lot lately and this helps clarify what I've been trying to express. I've never been much for the us versus them mentality. It gets everyone no where quickly.
That was fascinating. The "us vs. them" mentality has always especially bothered me, his talk gave me some insight into why.