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ODOR from my paycheck

ODOR, of course, is the ever-lovable Oregon Department of Revenue and I must say that there are fewer agencies that have a more justified acronym. Several months ago, they sent me a notice stating that they couldn't find my tax returns for 1990, 1992 and 1993. What a coincidence, neither can I. I can't find last week's pay stub. How the hell am I going to find tax returns that are almost a decade old?

Unfortunately, they don't care. It seems that companies send them quarterly information on the taxes that you owe, but for some reason, the state isn't required to keep track of the taxes that were actually taken out of your check by said companies. In other words, if I can't find my tax returns, at the very least, they should be able to check the f***cking W-2s or the quarterly tax statements that get filed.

Nope. They aren't required to do that. I am guilty until proven innocent. I wrote the the Social Security office, who told me that they don't track this stuff. I wrote to the IRS who provided me with a bunch of electronic information that was insufficient for me to file my taxes. Did I file taxes in those years? I don't know. I must have, or my wife at the time did the taxes and had me sign them and she sent them in. How the hell should I know?

In any event, the state has no record of the taxes that were withheld, so they decided to assess me full tax for those years, plus penalties and interest. My wages are now being garnished for the "back" taxes that I've already paid. OUCH! This will last for four months. Damn it.

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