Nader the Panda

You know, I've always wanted to like Ralph Nader. Seems like a good, caring guy. As a presidential candidate, however, he's been an absolute disaster. Aside from possibly helping Bush acquire the White House in 2000, he's had no foreign policy to speak of and his economic policy is "let's beat up corporations" (which, come to think of it, is sounding more appealing every day). A few days, ago, he descended into the positively surreal. He's not even taking himself seriously any more, but if this is a tight race, he's going to hurt Obama more than McCain.

After this ad, I'm inclined to believe that he's more senile than McCain.

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Also, what kind of presidential pitch is "maybe I should be a panda" ?
I like Nader where he belongs, as a loud bulldog of a consumer advocate. He is VERY good at it. However the unwavering detailed focus and bulldog tendancys make him unsuited for politics. He will tend to miss the forest for the trees, and lock on to a few things so hard for the short term results, that the long term effects get ignored. I have sililar issues with the Green party.
Please don't blame the election results on the voters
The last two elections were balls out STOLEN. Bush did NOT win, not fair and square. The election was hijacked. It doesn't matter who else ran, they would have stolen it just the same.
Democrats: Choice is wrong.
If Nader can convince people to vote for him, then he has every right to run. If the Democrats can't attract voters away from him, then that's a problem with their platform -- not Nader's. In a democracy, the voters should have the ability to vote for a candidate who closely follows their view, and this choice should not be restricted to just two.

To pretend otherwise is to rely on the fact that US elections are basically coming down to "I'm not him. I'm not for anything -- I'm just Not Him."

Nader's presence doesn't dilute the Pro-Democrat vote, it dilutes the anti-Republican vote, and these can be entirely two different things. The only way it hurts the Democrats is if they abandon being FOR something and instead rely on being NOT something else.