Edvidge - The French Big Brother

The more I look around the world and wonder "where should I live?", the more I despair. Seems the French are giving the UK and the US a run for the money in creating a surveillance state (hey, at least 'surveillance' is a French word, so they've the right, yes?) From the article:

[The police database] Edvige ... was created by decree in July to store data on anyone aged 13 or above who is "likely to breach public order".

What sort of data? How about how you hang out with, your sexual orientation, your political opinions? Would you be comfortable with some some anonymous database basically storing rumors about you for government officials to peruse?

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More and more it's going to become the Low Tek's living on the remains of the Golden Gate to avoid popping up on the radar...
Orwell wasn't spot on with the year, but his vision of the future does, unfortunately, seem to be coming true. Right, I'm off to commit me some thought crime.
Would you be comfortable with some some anonymous database basically storing rumors about you for government officials to peruse?

Too late for me, I've been on the UK's MI5 version since 1983. Ever since I was charged with "Insulting behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace" for the horrific crime of wearing a white poppy in Whitehall on Rememberance Sunday.
Given my druthers, and the ability to pick up the language quickly? Iceland, hands down. ;)
Regrettably, the oppose EU membership, so it wouldn't be an easy switch for me.

You know, English is widespread in Iceland. If their general ability with English is on par with the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark, you wouldn't have any trouble at all.
Eh. I'll probably never wind up doing it anyway. For me a "Big Deal" is moving 200 miles from Portland to Seattle or vice versa, let alone the 1000 from San Diego to Portland. I don't think I'd know where to start in terms of moving *continents*, to say nothing of the difficulty of bringing over the pup. ;)
Heh. I don't know that you've ever actually met him! ;)

C'mon, he can't be that much bigger than you... :-P
no i have not met him. but from your icon picture i can tell he weighs more than me. He is a fine looking dog though.
did you hear about the new secret weapon behind the success of the "surge"?
speculation is that stationary satellites with the ability of high-resolution capture that can record for months, coupled with voice pattern recognition from cell,SAT, and land line communications. Basically they wait for an IED or suicide bomber to strike and rewind the footage from multiple cameras and trace the movements of the bomber backwards for a location and ID voice patterns from communications. then they send in the UAV drones. The drones and satellites are controlled from within the US making it impossible for Iraqi government insiders to tip off insurgent leaders. Pakistan is getting pissed because of the strikes inside their borders... seems like they are getting the results they want or else the Pakistan politicians wouldnt be crying so much due to the pressure from the militants within.
I suspect its already within Americas borders too. every month there seems to be another stoplight camera. that most likely can be appropriated for DHS at any moment.
It is far from being done yet!
Regarding the extent of the polemic, Sarkozy has already redraw the most unpopular section as:
- Information relative to sexual orientation or health,
- Information relative to minor,
He also asked for a large consultation.
There is also myriad of action on justice again this text.

It is not the first time or the last that a French government tried to introduce a police database that would store to much personal details. However, I tend to think that EDWIGE would have exactly the same future than ARDOISE database: none.