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Today, while sitting here debating whether I should embed a UUID description in our RelaxNG schema or just keep the spec loose in accordance with the YAGNI principle, I decided to look at porn. At work.

To be fair, it's not every day that I take a gander at a someone's landing strip while lovely, lithe, and potentially litigious ladies wander around (and curiously fail to stand strategically posed by my desk), but today I had an excuse. An iron-clad excuse. One which, once explained, would lead people inexorably to the conclusion that no, nothing inappropriate was going on. And that excuse? I was so busy reading a blog entry that I failed to notice the porn on the same page.

Um, yeah. Like anyone's going to believe that horse shit, but it's true. While reading about one of the most idiotic decisions the EU parliament had made, I started reading one of the blog responses. I was so busy reading that response that I failed to notice the pictures. Then my eyes strayed and I thought "hey, that looks like a ..."

And then my eyes frantically scrolled around the page and I realized just how much explicitness was there without me even noticing. How was that possible? Because when I'm focusing on politics, I really focus. I wonder what would have happened if anyone noticed.
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