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Recycling or Trash? I think I'll just throw it away.

I dread going home today. It's Wednesday. That means it's recycling day and I am sick, sick, sick of getting home to find that my offering, having failed to please, has against been refused by the gods of refuse. I never know why, either. There's no note. Just a full bag sitting where I left it, though the others have often been removed.

The situation is somewhat better than it was. It used to be recycling on one day, garbage on another and yard debris on yet a third. We kept a schedule posted on the door to try to help us keep track. They've consolidated that into one day -- thank god -- but we still have tons of sorting to do, never quite sure what goes where, and always the possibility that they'll reject our perfectly fine recycling for the most capricious of reasons.

Now that councils are starting to harshly penalize people who get this wrong, I can only ask why the hell they are making it hard for me to do the right thing?

I can never figure out this damned government. They bitch about "health tourists" driving up the cost of the NHS, but when I first moved here, I wasn't even asked for ID to visit a doctor. But they've made recycling such a pain in the ass I'm getting fed up. I suppose the government has every right to go around and complicate all sorts of different areas of our life, but they clearly don't stop to consider the impact on quality of life. I just want to get on living with my life. Sitting around wondering if I have the right crap in the right piles is a pain in the ass.
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