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Holy Shit

I'm still in shock. I needed an external hard-drive to back up my data. So I bought one. A one terabyte external drive. Just to put this in perspective, the Library of Congress is only 82.6 terabytes of data. I know these have been out for a bit and most geeks already knew about one terabyte drives on store shelves, but ... damn.

Ten or fifteen years from now, I'll repost this, but it will be about buying a petabyte drive.
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I can remember when we got our first gigabyte hard drive.. I suppose it was 10-15 years ago.

The other day I had this conversation (about getting copies of some videos we'd made):

Me: How big are they?
Friend A: Um...
Me: 'cause I have an 8GB flash drive if you want.
Friend B: Yeah, I've got one too. Here you go. [pulls it out of pocket]
yea, I remember when dad brought home an 8 meg, meg mind you not gig, external hard drive for the Atari 800 (the orig tan case not the XL with the slim white case). It was the size of a shoe box and cost a few hundred dollars (when a new car was 2-3 grand)

damn, I am old......
I picked up a Maxell 1TB drive at YAPC::NA and brought it home full of data. It took only a day to find out the fatal flaw - it stands upright and can be easily tipped. I killed the entire drive by knocking it over once.