These are lovely. Sometimes, even though I haven't lived here for very long, I forget I live in the coolest city on Earth. We were walking home over Waterloo Bridge tonight after an evening in town, looking out on that river and having that very conversation.
You know I was posting photos I had taken in London and was thinking, "These are pretty good." And then you posted these photos! *whine* ;)
Gorgeous! Calls to mind China Mieville. Have you read any of his stuff?
Yeah, Un Lun Dun is great, especially as it is his 'kids' book. The others are somewhat similar, but infinitely more dark and complex. It's some of the densest fiction I've come across, and the political allegories are just exquisitely executed.
If you want to share this view with someone, you care for; you have to go to this place!
It is less classy that it looks like on the virtual tour but the view his amazing.
It was one of my best evenings in London
Hope you will enjoy it too.