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Tube Idiots

I haven't been going out much the past week, preferring instead to relax after my trip to Copenhagen. However, last night I made an exception for a friend visiting from San Francisco.

Coming home on the Central Line Tube, I sat down in the last place available next to two very drunk girls. Both were falling asleep and one had huge breasts spilling out of her top -- exposing all but nipples -- and guys were gradually making their way down to our end of the train and casually standing near her. It was looking ugly and I was a bit worried for them. I was right to be worried, but for a different reason.

As we got to the East Acton station, one of them (not Breast Girl), stood up and started lurching to the door. Her friend was yelling at her "Debbie, Debbie! No!". Debbie go to the door and it closed on her. Fortunately the doors won't close completely when blocked, but drunken Debbie looked confused and as the door opened, she collapsed to the ground and didn't move. The doors immediately closed and the train pulled away. Some people pulled out their phones, but Breast Girl stood up and said "don't call the police. I'll get her." She stumbled out at North Acton, apparently to catch the Tube back.

That's when the idiocy started. One girl wanted to dial 999 and the guys were arguing against it. "Her friend said not to call the police." "She's OK, she's only drunk!" Right. If she hit her head, she could be in serious trouble. Disgusted, I pulled out my phone and made the call, explaining the situation to emergency services.

Jerks. If I'm lying unconscious in a Tube station, it's horrifying to know that people will pretend nothing's wrong.
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