What The Hell Is Going On In The McCain Campaign?

What the hell is John McCain's campaign doing? They are releasing a series of increasingly bizarre campaign attack ads against Obama. I'm dumbfounded watching them. It seems McCain's campaign has decided "Obama is popular" is going to be their attack line. I can't even begin to fathom their reasoning on this.

Their latest is a comparison of Obama and the Messiah? What the hell?

Or you can watch them compare Obama with trashy rich white women. Because, you know, that comparison naturally springs to mind.

(The Hilton family, which has collectively donated tens of thousands of dollars to McCain are pretty pissed off that he used Paris Hilton in that video)

Needless to say, McCain's constant whining about Obama's popularity just makes him look petty. And it doesn't do anything to say what McCain will do for the country.
Welcome to the general election, where it's a race to the bottom.

Anyone with even a remotely critical mind and their own opinion that's been paying has already chosen a candidate. If you haven't been paying attention you can suss out what each candidate is about pretty quick. So, the rest of the campaign is a race to appeal to the mouth breathers.
You know what I don't like?

I'll tell you.

That Obama dude? He's just too damn, I dunno, presidential.
And it doesn't do anything to say what McCain will do for the country.

Well, as long as he tells his audience what Obama can't do, he doesn't have to have to really say what he's going to do. That way, should the USA vote McCain in (I hope not, but then I would do being a "liberal Labour supporter"), he has no election promises that he can be accused of breaching. Smart huh ;)
First Video: Well of course, they want to paint him as the potential anti-Christ. Didn't you follow that reference? ;) (I have actually heard someone say that he just might be the anti-Christ. Surprised? No probably not.)

Second video: A friend of mine posted the Daily Show commentary about it. Unfortunately I can't view it at home but I could understand why the Hilton family is rather upset. The girl finally got her act together so the last thing they need is more unflattering light on the family name.
I don't think the ad campaign is cynical; I think it's exploitative. It's calculated to play on people's fear of racial and religious issues, but Obama can't say that directly or else he's the one who will be accused of raising the issue.
Ok, excuse me, maybe I am missing something, but how is it racist? By having two white women whom aren't exactly known as the most intelligent? As for religious fears... I could kind of see that but they have already been doing that with the whole "percieved" Muslim thing. It's probably just going to get even more ugly as the media continually fuels the flame.
Rovian logic says attack your opponent's strengths. But this tactic seems false to me. Obama is popular because he's a politician, not because he's a musician, a preacher, or for any other reason.

The messiah thing is an attempt to scare Christians. The Devil is supposed to come as the second coming or some false messiah or something, right? I don't know. All of that mythology is so twisted up to me.

All in all, this gets to the fears of people. The way Republicans win is not on merit, but on fear that the other guy is no good. By interplaying hot, young, (annoying) white women, there's a deep-seated anti-black-man-fucking-my-daughter frame in American psychology that probably gets activated by McCain's base. I'm not sure, but that's my speculation.

McCain won't do anything for the country. That's why he doesn't have a platform. Conservatism will not do anything for the country, but will keep the country on its current, iceberg-bound course.

[odd analogy here]Don't worry, they have lifevests. You may not, but that's your problem; you should have bought the bootstraps they had for sale for 600K$ when they were available. Credit crunch got you down? Well, that's too bad, isn't it. Personal responsibility, man. Unless, of course, you're a corporation.

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Er, *probably*? I can't say yet. Another friend has already called dibs, but I think she's going to come over later than I thought. I'm trying to get confirmation and she's checking now.
Someone sent me what is supposed to be urban word of the day.
"Electile dysfunction" The inability of presidential candidates to arouse the desire to vote.....

And I thought the messiah was supposed to have roman heritage so it can't be Obama. Plus his name is supposed to add up to 666. I don't know how that works but I don't think he's the one.