Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

Blackwater Bingo

You know, the Blackwater home page would be hilarious if it weren't for how many people they have murdered with US State Department protection. Either they don't know about Buzzword Bingo or they know that their site is just a joke.

Blackwater Worldwide efficiently and effectively integrates a wide range of resources and core competencies to provide unique and timely solutions that exceed our customers’ stated needs and expectations.

We are guided by integrity, innovation, and a desire for a safer world. Blackwater Worldwide professionals leverage state-of-the-art training facilities, professional program management teams, and innovative manufacturing and production capabilities to deliver world-class, customer-driven solutions.

Our corporate leadership and dedicated family of exceptional employees adhere to essential core values- chief among these are integrity, innovation, excellence, respect, accountability, and teamwork.

So, um, anyone else notice that this page doesn't say a damned thing about what they actually do? And when was the last time your hired mercenary thug promised a customer-driven solution? And let's not even mention the word "accountability" there.
Tags: politics
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