YAPC::EU Portugal Promo

A while ago, the Lisbon, Portugal conference committee asked some programmers to make videos explaining why the next YAPC::EU should be in Lisbon, Portugal. I thought they were asking for something longer than what they were, so my video comes in at a minute and a half. They were happy with it anyway and apparently sent it with their proposal along with brian d foy's compilation. I might add that if you don't know Perl or the Perl community, some of this won't make sense, so there's a quick glossary after.

Pronounced "yap-see", it stands for "Yet Another Perl Conference"
Another programming language with a friendly (and sometimes not-so-friendly) rivalry with Perl
One of my brothers, who's far more intelligent than the video would suggest. I'm grateful he let me portray him as a complete idiot.
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Oh goodness, this was my only laugh for the day. It was a good one.
There are no words! ROFLMFAO!!!!!! OH hugs to you both! Love ya!
Want to see the "blooper reel" as well!
Wonderful video. I was there when it was shown in front of an audience of 500 people in Copenhagen and they were laughing hysterical (yeah, me too, even though you were so friendly to show it to me the day before, thanks!). They also showd the blooper reel. Wanna see that here toooooo!!!