That's FABULOUS! "My porn star will be too busy working on her phd to go to the gym!"

Can I settle for a coffee and a Sandman swap? :) Ok, ok, after Vermont. Safe travels.
Crap, crap, crap! I knew there was something I kept forgetting to do. I promise I won't take the Sandman with me for reading material. :(
Dungeons and Drag Queens! baahaahaa! brilliant!

*adjusts geek glasses*

There you go, tormenting me again. And here I am leaving for two weeks and there's naught I can do about it!

(See how I cleverly used the word "naught"? Huh? Didja see?)
ooooohhhh, impressive, and oh so subtle.

I guess we'll have to plan the drink-fest for when you get back. Don't forget your Calculus book!