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To the anonymous poster who left the anti-muslim rant in my journal. I suppose you won't read this but yes, I deleted your rant. If you want to politely leave a rebuttal (and particularly if you have the courage to not cowardly hind behind a cloak of anonymity), then I'm far more likely to unscreen your post.

"Muslims are fucking barbaric nut jobs and Christians aren't" is not the sort of comment I tolerate.
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Aw, I'm disappointed that you didn't leave the comment up for the lulz it would generate! I want to read the full idiocy!

Perhaps you could post it in antitheism?

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well i guess you know it wasnt me for the christians arent part bahahaha.. I saw a T-shirt i must have this weekend.... Fuck God, Fuck Satan , We're Athiests!
having specialised in Islam for my degree, I have to laugh heartily.

I tend to cut swathes through arguments like that, five minutes of even basic wikipedia searching will tell you that Islam is a hell of a lot more civilised than Christianity ever was

(though perhaps intriguingly, it was the barbarism of christianity that ultimately led to europe advancing through the dark ages and dragging the world into the modern era)
'Muslims are fucking barbaric nut jobs and Christians aren't' is not the sort of comment I tolerate.

....because... EVERYONE is a barbaric nut job! Whee!!!

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Seriously. It's like when people point out failures in gay marriages while ignoring failures in straight marriages. Selective filtering to confirm existing biases.
I guess that depends on whether or not we can consider an irrationally selective prejudice to be an ideal. Idealism may be by nature unrealistic but that doesn't necessarily imply dishonesty in service of the conception of what is perfect.

If anything I think these might be parallel thinking patterns; an idealistic view might be served "well" by selective application of evidence but I wouldn't conflate them.
what if I say that both muslims and christians are fucking barbaric nut jobs?

also, poor jobs!

I watched the 2-hour Channel 4 special on The Qur'an last night... does that make me enlightened now? No, I guess a miracle is too much to ask for ;)
Muslims versus Christians
Ovid knows exactly where I stand and I believe in Jesus Christ but I think that both have good points and bad points. The barbarism is bad on both sides at times. It all depends on which side your standing, so both see the other as barbaric nut jobs and probably both are right to some degree. There are some very decent people on both sides of the fence. To bad we can't all get along. I could do without all the fighting. Both sides have been wounded mentally and or physically by each other And their own. "Christians" are fast to "crucify" each other. And I imagine most religions are as well to themselves when they see someone NOT towing whatever their religious line is.