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French News Just as Good as American News

In following on up this provocative blog post about France denying a Muslim woman citizenship, I decided to read some French news sites on the theory that they might have more to say about what's going on in their country.

As I was skimming the French Version of Google News, I wondered if this story might be related. It talks about almost 300 cars being set alight, along with 121 people being arrested. I assume the the people were arrested in connection with the cars, but the article doesn't say. What's worse, it doesn't even say why the cars were set alight!

Fortunately, there are other news sources. Agence France Presse also reported on this story. Apparently, their reporters also can't be bothered to explain why this is going on. (The first article looks like a poor plagiarism of the second).

Oh, and here's another. What the hell is going on. Does the French press merely report incidents without reporting the background?
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