Soviet Military Activities

When working on my map of US Military Activities, I quickly discovered a common theme. The map can be misunderstood if the context is not there. As a result, I really need to create a corresponding map of Soviet military activities. So much of what occurred was not random, but rather a response to what "the other side" was doing. Of course, without economic, political, intelligence and a host of other activities, we still are limiting our information, but the maps will provide a reasonable starting point.

It's also worth noting that as I'm researching this information, my perspective on the cold war is not only broadening, but changing. It appears that, to a large extent, we're using Cold War strategies to approach the problems we face in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the threat model has changed so significantly that these strategies no longer apply.

If you're curious about this topic, I highly, highly recommend the book "What Terrorists Want" by Louise Richardson. On the verge of joining the IRA as a child, she went on to study terrorism in-depth, particularly in terms of motivations. The book is very readable, very well documented and a true eye opener explaining not only what we've done wrong, but what we need to get right.

I suppose it goes without saying that the Bush administration strategy doesn't particularly fare well in the book :/

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I hope you enjoy it. The author is an international expert in her field and it's a brilliant starting point for understanding what's really happening with terrorism.
Ya mean "They hate us for our freedoms" isn't what it's all about? Heh. Yes, this is the same administration and military that refused to believe that Iraq had turned into a counter-insurgency and refused to acknowledge that.

There is a basic failure to understand the culture as well in the Middle East as well as the ideals, methods, and goals of "The Base" as well as other Muslim extremist (caliphate) groups.

Sounds like a good read.. I will pick it up. I would suggest to you the following.

Imperial Hubris: Scheuer
Marching Toward Hell: Scheuer

Through Our Enemies' Eyes: Osama bin Laden, Radical Islam, and the Future of America: Scheuer

To get an idea of the inside machinations from the chief (Alec Station) from 1996-99

It's also of note that you are dead on. The intelligence services as well as the military have been operating on a cold war footing because they know nothing else really. A paradigm change has to occur..

Thanks for the book suggestions. I've just picked up a 20th century world history for background information on the cold war. It's primarily what I would call a "newspaper history" as it focuses on the visible, large-scale events, but it's doing a great job of explaining the east/west dichotomy. As usual, nothing is as simple as people think.
...the Bush administration strategy doesn't particularly fare well in the book

Honey, the Bush administration strategy doesn't particularly fare well in REALITY either!
I'm interested in seeing your Soviet version map when you get it started.

And I'll have to check out that book as well - sounds interesting. I can recommend Fahreed Zakaria's "The Post-American World" as a very good insight into the current state of affairs and globalization.

Having just read the Publishers Weekly review, I can assure you that it not only glosses over much of what she has to say, but it's downright ignorant. I wouldn't pay attention to it.
Oh, and it could easily be coincidence, but it's worth noting that the anonymous author of that review "Reed Business Information", is owned by Reed Elsevier. The latter, a publishing group, has been extensively criticized for their continued links with the arms industry. While this is certainly not proof that theirs is a biased view, I do think it a curious link, particularly given the widespread rave reviews this book has received elsewhere (and I'm not just talking about on Amazon).