US Military Activities Since 1960

I've started creating a Google Map of US oversees military involvement since 1960. I generally exclude evacuations, humanitarian efforts and minor, non-hostile actions. I do, however, include a number of cases where US troops were not involved, but US support was (Angola, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and so on).

Let me know if I've gotten anything wrong or missed anything important.
Interesting stuff -- I had a read through it on the other PC, where Bridie had left the tab with it on open. Didn't realise you'd made it! Nice work.
Thanks! Added. I try to keep summaries brief (sometimes too brief). Let me know if you think I've missed the high points.
1973. US sponsored coup in Argentina to overthrow democratically elected govt & install milititary dictatorship under Pinochet. The other september 11th...
D'oh! I constantly use that as an example of what the US does wrong, so it's embarrassing that I would leave it out. I've added it, along with links to three pages of a CIA document regarding their participation in coup plotting.
You know, the more I dig in, the more I see that I should make this map "since the end of WWII". There are so many things which could be included which would truly help to illuminate US behavior.
Why leave out the humanitarian efforts and other positive actions the US Military has been involved in?
I thought long and hard about that one. In the end, the reason I didn't include that information is largely because I can't color-code the markers on a Google map. As a result the map would be flooded with information in different logical groups and it would be difficult to make sense of it. Much US military action has simply been evacuating Americans from hot-spots and if people kept clicking on "US military evacuated ..." over and over, it would detract from my main issue: US involvement in military hostilities.

If Google allowed color-coded markers, I could go back and fix that (it would be a hell of a lot of work), but for now, I'll keep the focus where it is.
What about adding markers in the Pacific for the islands that got blown up in weapons tests?
That doesn't quite fit my intent because that's not direct people-on-people military action, though admittedly many people were dislocated as a result. I'll have to think about it.