Hopped up on codeine right now (it's available over the counter here). That's because I've seriously thrown my back out. It probably has something to do with 32 push ups.


Word of advice ... don't take them for more than 2 days in a row or start eating All-Bran :)
Ouch, indeed. Take it easy & I hope you're back up & about soon.
Can you send some here? My joints are killing me. ;)

Anyway.. take good care and use heat.. should help.
Well, aside from the fact that it's probably a felony, I would love to. Or hell, you can just move to this side of the pond. You get codeine and Europe.

Actually soaked in a hot bath for a while and the pain went away completely. Then I stepped out of the tub. Ouch. Now I understand that weird, hunched over, bum sticking out posture that old people use when they walk. Less back pain that way. Straightening up is when it kills me.
I'm working on the moving thing.. just have to finish my BA first. About a year more.

And sucks. Maybe a hot pad? Or do they have those heat patches you can stick on out there?