Saw this older gentleman walking around our building a few times in the past couple of days. Wild hair, long jowls always engaged in conversation. Seemed like a nice bloke, but I was curious who he was. I routinely fail to recognize people in my building because there are tons of us, but something about him seemed familiar.

Then when I stepped outside of our building, I saw another gentleman frantically dialing his mobile and practically shouting into it "I just saw Jeremy Clarkson!"

Um, who?

Seems Mssr. Clarkson is one of the presenters of the wildly popular Top Gear television show.

I'm so ignorant of TV that a few days ago I was introduced to a lady who presents news on some BBC station. Can't recall her name or her face. I'm oblivious.

And just for you, I'm including a video of him. Why? Because he's driving a car in two of the buildings I'm in almost every day. I thought you might be curious about where I work. And yes, I do mean he's driving a car in those buildings.

(Side note to Aristotle: nope, this sound synchs perfectly, unlike the video I uploaded. I don't know that it's a problem on my end, but I could be mistaken)
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I want Jeremy Clarkson to be one of my Fantasy Neighbours. I'm sure he would drive me up the wall, and irritate me with too many gas-guzzling cars in his drive, but I think he's funny! My friend Bettina thinks of me every time she sees him.

“I’ve never seen the Top Gear team so enthusiastic about any car” he says. Well… small is beautiful.

(Funnily enough, the synch on this video was off by a fraction of a second – by just enough to notice that lips and words don’t match.)

One of my exs is very into cars and Top Gear so I've watched that show a bunch. I like him and the other two guys, they're very entertaining in that wonderful dry british way. Just wish the show was about something I understood and enjoyed.
I'm not remotely interested in cars and I don't watch TV, and even I know who Jeremy Clarkson is. Tsk!