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I couldn't get the flight to Germany I wanted. I'd have to get to Stanstead airport at 5 in the morning instead of 9. Thus, instead of a 99 pence flight, I'm paying £9.99. If I were flying by myself, I'd take the earlier trip and, with taxes, the cost of my round-trip ticket to Frankfurt would be £25 :)

Actually, because it's Ryan Air (wow, that's an ugly site) and due to a couple of other restrictions that I ordinarily would not have, the flight's costing me £84. Still, not too bad. Take that, Americans! :)

Maybe next week I'll fly to Pisa for ten quid.

I often choose my music as a play on the post, but every once in a while, a happy coincidence occurs, like today's music.
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Ha! You are an American, silly! :P

Did you get my message with my number? Feel free to touch base when you have a moment.
Having just flown to Dublin with RyanAir myself, you might find it useful to know that they don't class a laptop as cabin baggage, its allowed free in addition to that. (Must be the only thing they don't charge extra for!)
Of course, you do realise you are going to rot in one of the darkest circles of Hell for flying RyanAir, don't you?

You'll be in good company though...
Wasn't entirely my idea. I'm travelling with a brother and a friend and keeping costs down was a priority.

What's wrong with Ryan Air? The fact that their cheap flights encourage flying?
Phew, where to start? I suppose the only good thing about them is that with such low fares they can't possibly be making a profit. Michael O'Leary is a money-grabbing bastard who treats his own employees as well as the general public with utter contempt. He pulled several extremely dodgy deals to get his routes sorted out. Ryanair is basically the Primark of the airline business. OK, so it opens up the possiblity of international travel to those who otherwise can't afford it, but *someone* is paying for it somewhere along the line.

Have you ever travelled with Ryanair before? I wouldn't want to be on one of their plane any further than Liverpool to Dublin!

Aww. At 120 miles Frankfurt’s a bit far from my neck ’a th’ woods.[1] Let me know if you ever happen to pass through Cologne or Bonn, won’cha?

  1. I’m sure the Americans in the audience are laughing at my calling that “far.” They say Europe is where 100 km is a long way and America is where 100 years are a long time.