Sound Check

I can't yet say why I'm doing video (it will likely be a few months before I can say anything), but here's a quick video of my brother Greg and myself doing a sound check.

Interestingly, this is the tone of most of our conversations.
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Well, you're both huge nerds. :D

Soo.... are you going to be bloggingvlogging for your auntie?
Nope, but I can't yet say anything more. As far as I'm aware, it's supposed to be a secret, but there's no problem with that little clip posted.

The both of you are clearly thespians of unprecedented talent, and your screenplay a literary masterpiece. (Best to hold onto your day job for a little longer just in case, though.)

No screenplay on that. We were just messing around. The actual clip is a bit more involved and, I think, a bit better done. Hopefully it will serve its purpose. The recipients are happy with it.

And why the hell is Youtube's sound synching so bad. It's perfect on my copy :(

I can imagine what it’s for and yeah, it would work for that.

Sound synch seems just fine for me. I might be your Flash player, sound drivers, or something between them.

man of mystery.. and yeah on my pc.. the sound is way, way off so it made me chuckle :p
The sound quality is good. The sound lag is shite.

It seems like a good time, there, with your brother. Good energy!