More Orwellian Maneuvers in the UK

Justice Secretary Jack Straw wants to allow anonymous witnesses to testify against you in a court of law. I'm sure this would never be abused.

I'm trying to figure out if this is worse than plans to have CCTV cameras listen in on your conversations.

Does it really matter which is worse? Cameras watching and listening to us everywhere. Secret witnesses in court that you can't challenge. DNA of innocent people and children being stored in databases.

It's not really 1984. It's more "Brave New World." Help!
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Actually, I think it's more 1984. I don't recall even mention of legal abuses in Brave New World.
In Brave New World, Mustapha Mond, a high placed government official, seemed to acknowledge that they were stripping people's freedoms and right to self-expression and he had also had doubts about the wisdom/morality of this, but in the end, felt it was necessary to protect people. Also, the people spent almost all of their time consuming entertainment and were actively discouraged from thinking. Those were the aspects that seem to me to more accurately reflect much of what is happening today.

That being said, yes, 1984 does seem all too familiar today.
I was just getting technical about the legal practices. :) I agree we're living a doped-up reality, with or without dope. :) We're all dopes. :)

Mmm, soma . . .
The rationale is that some witnesses are afraid of retaliation and refuse to testify, allegedly causing a number of cases to fail. In the event this is true, I'd still be worried that we'd have more malicious prosecutions. Wouldn't it be fun to have an ex-wife accuse you of violence, but because she's "afraid", you only have an anonymous witness detailing your crimes?
It seems that little by little over the last 25 years successive UK governments have dismantled almost everything that was great about this country. They have taken apart civil liberties piece by piece, in amounts just small enough that people can dismiss concerns as worrying about nothing (they've used exactly the same tactic on the NHS too). The other "little change" that's reported this week is removing the right to a local enquiry if someone wants to site something like a nuclear power plant next to your house. Surveillance has gone from a couple of CCTV cameras outside embassies and police stations to the almost blanket coverage we have now. My bus to work has 5 of the damn things on it. I struggle to understand why people from other "1st world" countries would even want to live here anymore.

I resent how this all makes me sound like some old whinging Victor Meldrew-type git. Before I start foaming at the mouth, does anyone know a nice country that I can emigrate to?
Interesting about cameras on busses...

Here in Norway we WANT those cameras, at least in the larger cities, but the bus companies aren't allowed to install them.
(There have been several violent robberies in busses in Oslo, and a couple of 'unprovoked' knife attacks that has even resulted in loss of life. )

Orwellian Maneuvers in the UK
I loved that band. Their first two or three albums were synth pop classics.
Brown's New World... fantastic place, isn't it? I really don't know who I prefer the thought of being in office - old Gordon or monkey boy Cameron. I can't decide which is the lesser of these two evils.