Recursive Failure

The serious problem must be fixed today.

The appropriate solution depends on how much time we have to fix it.

We must get sign off on any solution.

This lessens the time we have to fix it.

Meanwhile the load is 20 and climbing, effectively shutting down our development environment.

And I have a massive case of Teh Dumb today.
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i've had a few of those lately. my favorite that involved recursion was one that should never have happened. it was on an admin interface, and someone decided to set the parent group of a linked list as itself. obviously, a bug, but he just wanted to 'see what it did'. sadly, he had been told many many times to not just play around on live. he still thought of it as his personal playground. not good. now, recursion stops at 30, with a big comment block that the bug should be fixed, but just in case someone is able to trigger it, it still forces a stop at 30 levels of the linked list.
What is the Software SUPPOSED to do, and and can you tell us which algorithm is used?

Sounds like it's time for making logs.
(Dumping input parameters for the recursive proc to a log can help... Or you may get a new and even more fun problem... )

Anyway, the problem is probably that it's friday...

My firday is OK, but that's because I'm on vacation.
(Last firday, though, was a mess... )
Happy birthday!
*hugs* I hope you have something really fun planned for tonight, it being your birthday and all.
A load of 20 and climbing? Ouch.

It's nowhere near the same problem, but when I ran my web hosting stuff for smaller webcomics, one of them got linked by Penny Arcade. I don't think I could get my load under 16 for like two weeks, Apache was thrashing, MySQL wasn't happy (and the guy who's site got linked was totally dynamic with no caching even though it's not really dynamic content, ugh).

I can relate to the pain, at least. :(

But hey! Happy Birthday! :D
I can't brain today..i have teh dumb
This is a quote from a friend that i use often.

It's your bday? well happy bday you!

I have a friend trying to get a job at the BBC right now!
OH NO!!!!! I forgot my bros birthday, hangs head,