Message to Nancy Pelosi

Did you know that you can contact Nancy Pelosi directly? Here's the message I sent. Why don't you send one, too?

Dear Madame Speaker,

I am horrified by your absolute refusal to allow impeachment of Bush administration. It would be one thing for you to vote against impeachment -- I could understand that -- but for you to make it clear that you unilaterally refuse to consider upholding the Constitution of the United States is absolutely repugnant.

By your cowardly refusal to hold him to account, you send out two messages. The first is that any future administration knows that no politician is going to have the decency to stand up for what's right. The second is that the American public now know that you cannot be trusted to support the Constitution of the United States.

I firmly believe that the Bush administrations actions are strongly worthy of impeachment, but your inexplicable refusal to consider impeachment is nothing short of appeasement. You have abandoned the American people.

Shame on you.

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
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You make me stand up and applaud. I hope that other UnitedStatesofAmericans :) can do what you did. People can only set things right if they choose to speak up.
Thank you for this. It was just the kick in the butt that I needed to contact her office.

Next, I'm on to my local paper and news stations, who are very carefully NOT reporting anything about impeachment.
Thanks for the link!! Here is my letter to her:
Dear madame speaker Pelosi,

I am begging you on behalf of the MILLIONS of Americans that have signed the petition to begin the impeachment proceedings of the tyrants that rigged two elections in a row, hijacked the country, got thousands of our servicemen and women killed based on propaganda and lies, and drove America to financial ruin.

Why are you so dedicated to allowing them to get away with all of this? Why not send a clear message to any future hopeful despots that this kind of behavior will not go unpunished. We cannot even begin to measure the harm that their greed, ineptitude, lying and cronyism has done to our country. America is in shambles and this is DIRECTLY linked to the appalling CRIMINAL behavior of this administration. Nobody, not even the president and vice president are above the law. This is guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the United States.

It is your moral and civic duty as the holder of a public office, and as speaker of the house to protect Americans and be our ally. Step up to the plate and do your job of defending the and upholding the constitution!

It s disgusting to watch everybody in DC roll over and allow this travesty of an administration to continue to rape America.