Weird Feeling

It's strange pulling a receipt out of a jacket pocket and realizing that I can't tell what country I earned the receipt in. I think it was Austria, I'm not sure.

My last trip to the US was fabulous. I didn't make a big deal out of the fact that I was travelling there because when friends find out, I invariably get an inbox full of email from folks I haven't seen in a couple of years. They want to do lunch, dinner, whatever. I want to see all of them, but I never have enough time and vacations back to Portland stop being vacations.

Later hoping to do a road trip through Europe. My housemate Armgard said I should go to Italy. Others have suggested Spain. My part time housemate, rabbleuk, just burped. What to do, what to do ...
  • Current Mood: sick sick
like the Odd Couple ... roadtripping with you through europe would probably be Pulitzer Prize winning fodder. youd be the sane weight on my lithium battery packs
while i was bummed that you didn't make it out to beer with us on tuesday, i understand completely :)

i just wish i would have made it to sean's birthday shindig, but oh well.
Hey - I am making plans right now to be in the UK for the month of July. Would love to catch up with you.
[fake offence] Sorry we love to hang out with you! Sheesh![/passive aggressive nonsense]

I can totally see your point, man. One week or so, 400 people to see... that's not a vacation, that's a nightmare.