Twitter is one of those things that doesn't really click until you've used it for awhile -- at least, that's how it strikes me.

It's kind of fun and I enjoy the occasional update from friends, although I do know a couple of people who tweet things like "Going for lunch" and "Going to bed" which is exactly what it asks you to tweet ("What are you doing?") but that can be kinda boring. :D

That being said, I'm sure I send the occasional boring tweet, but I try to make them at least marginally interesting.
Me too
It is an excellent diversion when board. I am Barefootorbust. Feel free to follow my blithering if you like. I must admit, as anyone can read them, the majority of the tweets are random idiotic crap. Like my quest to go to the bus stop and not get attacked by wild turkeys.
gidget23 @Ovid That's because you *are* dirty! just now from web in reply to Ovid.
I'm curious to know what finally made you decide to join the Twitterati...
Strange. You're not in the list. I saw you earlier and didn't add you because I didn't recognize your name, but now I don't see you at all :/

I also did a straight search of your username and can't find it.
i added you. add me back. i answered you on something already

it looks like i'm talking to an imaginary friend!