Ovid (publius_ovidius) wrote,

A Video You Don't Care About

Recently I was in Oslo, Norway, trying to solve some of the pressing issues with Perl QA. brian d foy posted a video of our summary talks. You can tell that many of us were worn out at that point. I am the first speaker. The second, Andy Armstrong, is one of my best friends over here.

The nationalities of the speakers really show what a diverse community we are. USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Germany, Norway, one American who lives in Switzerland and Nadim Khemir, a.k.a. نديم ابن ﺤﻣﻮﺪﺓ الخمير. I can't recall where he's from, but he's the author of the really awesome Asciio software. It's an ASCII version of Visio.

At the 19:53 point, xwrn starts speaking (I just point this out for those who happen to know him).
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