1. Cuba's food supply is mostly organic
  2. Cuba has one of the highest life expectancies in the world (not far behind the US)
  3. Cuba has universal health care at a fraction of the US cost (even as a percentage of GNP)
  4. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate than the US.

I don't think these facts are all unrelated, but I've found when I mention them, people say stuff like "yeah, but they live in a brutal dictatorship! Think of the price they have to pay."

Sure, they live in a dictatorship and I would love to see them get out from under it, but that has nothing to do with the fact that their people are ridiculously healthy and they've done so at a fraction of the cost per person (even in GDP comparisons -- look it up!) than the US. But somehow the diehard (and dieoften) free market supporters like to pretend that this isn't possible for the US. They're so Darwinian in their approach to everything that they refuse to admit when it's possible for us to collectively help others.

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But Curtis, socialism is bad! That's why they adjusted to their own peak oil situation in weeks and they have more doctors and well-educated people per-capita than I think anywhere in the world.

Remember what the capitalists told you though: socialism is bad. Stick to that, and you'll be happy in your Orwellian-no-health-care world! I promise!

5. Cuba has a high quality education, starting kids early on to use computers - not for gaming, but for learning. The ration computer/kid might not be 1:1, but the kids take turns learning on the computer / learning in a 'regular' class room setting;
6. us Americans (ha, listen to me!) can now send cell phones to Cuba
7. Cuban's rely from tourism, and they survive without the US in that regard
8. Their well-educated workers are traveling throughout the world to educate other countries' people, go to school, and come back to spread their increased knowledge among their own people.
I hope they stay as a savage dictatorship not permitted to trade with the US, because it'll keep the price of their lovely cigars down and the quality up.